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 karinacarvalho / 12/05/2017

We want to bring the best content to you! So, we are opening spots in Kardashian Brazil, and if you want to be part of this wonderful family, and help spread love tothe girls, do not miss this opportunity!

What are we looking for? We are looking for people who LOVE and ENJOY the Kardashians, we want people with enough energy, proactive, able to discuss and implant ideas and, most importantly: available time and commitment. The spots are limited, and the selection goes until June 15, so hurry up!

We have availability for following positions:

Editor – Position for those responsible for keeping the site running, collaborating with posts.
Gallery Manager – Position for those responsible for keeping our gallery updated.

Minimum age: 14 years.

Requirement: Good written in the English language.

Those interested should send an email to with the subject ” Kardashian Brasil English – Name of chosen position”. The email should contain:

Full name:



Why do you want to join the Kardashian Brazil team?

Do you have experience with Fan Sites?

How much time do you have to devote to the site?

Why should you be selected for our team?

It is necessary to aim that Kardashian Brasil is a fan site that focuses on publicizing their work and their projects, being a fan-managed site that maintains it as a hobby, therefore we do not offer remuneration to the team members. It is all a matter of fun and interaction, and gain of an unforgettable experience.

Team Kardashian Brasil